Not much to say about Havana Banana Breads, or the Top Banana, except that in the early 1990s, he was also Mr. and Mrs. Mom, raising his Autistic son Robby while serving in the Army (whew!).  That’s when he started baking the soon-to-be-famous banana breads. And speaking of sweet, TB also met the future Mrs. TB during this time.  He soon left South Carolina for Washington DC, via Salt Lake City-(don’t ask), where during his daily ride on three trains and a bus, he came up with the idea for more than 30 crazy flavors of banana bread. All TB could do at this time was plan for the future.

On the move yet again, Top Banana found himself stationed in Florida. This time, he decided to test the waters when he rented space in a Melbourne, FL bakery (Thanks Mary and Sue!). TB developed numerous commercial accounts as well as many individual customers. He knew he was onto something and realized this was what he wanted to do upon his retirement from the Army. Many customers, radio promotions, and newspaper features later, TB completed his final four years in the Army back in the DC area. After 26 years of Army service (and 27 years of service from Mrs. TB), he officially became the full time Top Banana.

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The Banana family: TB, Robby and Mrs.TB

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