Life at Havana Banana Breads World Headquarters

Robby has everything under control at the banana desk.

Havana Banana Breads go Global! A couple of Top Banana's fans showing
that even in far away places, yumminess is the international language.
This picture comes to us from Enkhuizen in the Netherlands.

Going bananas for Havana Banana Bread!

Bespoke banana bread for British Fananas? Brilliant!
This photo hails from London.

Condemned bananas about to meet their baker.  May God have mercy on their peels.

Buckets and buckets of blueberries

Mmmmm, the age old question-- Smores or Chocolate Coconut?
We think both. Both is good.

It's never too early to make the "nice" list.

Even the Top Banana's cat Madeline has to make a tough choice during the holidays.  The banana did win! (Of Course).


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