Top Banana's Ordering Recommendations

The Top Banana appreciates orders of all sizes. However, during this economic downturn, the Top Banana found a way to depict how you can save bunches of money on shipping while enjoying more of your Havana Banana Bread favorites.  The chart below shows how the cost of shipping from Top Banana’s home-base of Maryland to each of the UPS zones.  Notice how the cost of shipping one Havana Banana Bread to shipping four breads  only increases  very little.  Thanks Top Banana!

One Bread Two Breads Three Breads Four Breads
NYC $9.51 $10.14 $10.51 $11.06
Atlanta $10.17 $11.00 $11.58 $12.03
Miami $10.34 $11.44 $12.09 $12.59
Omaha $10.91 $12.02 $12.68 $13.35
Seattle $11.56 $13.27 $14.27 $15.48

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