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Favorite Testimonial EVER!

I detest bananas but after trying a taste of Mike's Havana Banana Bread (Roasted Pecan Praline), this is the only banana bread I'll ever eat again.

Washington, DC

"Ordered a few breads and before I knew it, the Top Banana himself was at my door with the order. He said I was too close to ship. Now that's great service!!"

Laurel, MD

"How is it that some big company hasn't bought Havana Banana Breads yet? Mike's customer service is impeccable; his breads are like nothing else out there, unless you like factory made, cheap ingredients with chemical aftertastes. Does anyone in the food business have any vision? "

Alice C, Corvallis, OR

"I came across Havana Banana from my friend's g-chat status .... and I am hooked! I first tried the regular and the dark chocolote and coconut and they tasted like heaven. My roommate grabbed a slice and I got him hooked, too! Next, my boyfriend sent some to his mother for mother's day and his brother intercepted the package~ now his whole family loves Havana Banana as well.

This past weekend all my cousins helped me move and as a thank-you, I am sending everyone a loaf of ... you guessed it ... Havana Banana Breads!!

Honestly, this is a delicious and inexpensive gift for friends and family and an awesome treat for yourself. I highly recommend trying some today :)


"I was so impressed and completely satisfied with the level of customer service at Havana Banana.  I ordered 2 loaves for my Mother-In-Law and they were shipped the same day the order was placed.  They were so delicious she didn’t want to share with her husband!  I highly recommend Havana Banana for their excellent customer service, speedy shipping and most importantly, scrumptious banana bread! "

Donna J.
Frederick, MD

"By far, this is the best banana bread I've ever had.  My office received a few loaves as a gift.  I've never seen banana bread disappear so quickly!"

Lori L.
Westfield, IN

"Havana Banana Breads are great!  I didn't want to send my mother another bouquet of over-priced flowers for Mother's Day.  Since I love the product myself, I figured this would be a "sweet" way of saying "Happy Mother's Day"  I grew up in her kitchen, so I know she'll love it too!"

Gary L.
McLean, VA

"I just wanted to let you know that the banana bread was awesome! ...I don't say this much...but it was better than Grandma's banana bread...don't tell her I said that. Thanks!! Great product!"

Springfield, VA

You have a customer for life in me. I would rather send someone your banana bread than fruitcake for the holidays....


"This is the best banana bread I ever ate."

Age 8

"I tried only one of Mike's banana breads. Not only did I enjoy it, but so did my entire office staff. Still not sure how he came up with 18 innovative varieties, but somehow they all work."

Sol M.
Bakery consultant
Phoenix, AZ

"I work for the FBI and have been buying Havana Banana Breads for years. I tracked down the owner, Mike Lawrence, and told him I'd better be able to buy this product in a coffee shop or grocery store soon, or there's going to be trouble!"

Detroit, MI


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